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Funded by ATTRACT, a European initiative for the development of breakthrough technologies, international design teams collaborated to create conceptual applications and a prototype for Megamorph (graphene-based large-area modulators with a radical production of holographic displays). Asian-American designer Autumn Lin, along with Costa Rican designer Luis Alvarado, and Spanish designer Paula Sanchez, imagined a garment that could communicate and calm the wearer during noise-induced anxiety in an increasingly crowded and chaotic world.

With electronic Jacquard knitting company Kniterate, the team created a knitted origami pattern using sustainably sourced wool that could block out noise pollution. Additionally, integrated electronic components in the garment could notify the wearer of increased heart rate and, in the event of continued elevation, could provide timed pulses that the wearer could follow to slow their breathing. The team also wove in user-controlled fiber optics with programmable color landscapes that could communicate emotion (white-calm, blue-sadness, red-anger, green-fear). For the final concept, the team imagined Megamorph as being able to display customizable, shareable, and transformative videos using AI-generated artwork to communicate complex emotions and create community. This biometric data could be collected in a phone app and shared with a healthcare provider, presenting many future potential applications for Megamorph in the healthcare sector.

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